World Food Warsaw

EXPO XXI Warsaw, Polen
World Food Warsaw

In its third edition, WorldFood Warsaw provides a platform to conduct business with Poland’s most influential food and beverage industry experts, distributors, manufacturers and

Why Poland?

Poland is the largest economy in Central and Eastern Europe and 6th strongest market in the European Union
Poland’s population exceeds 38 million – representing one of the largest Eastern European markets
The country's gross domestic product equals US$517.5 bln - providing investors with a substantial consumer market.
The Polish economy is predicted to join the G-20 list of those largest in the world by 2022
Since joining the European Union in 2004, the country has adopted a wide range of legislation reforms. The country's ease of doing business has significantly improved, ranking the country 55th worldwide, and the country has almost doubled its GDP over the last two decades
The Polish economy is the only one to have avoided recession during the global downturn of 2009, establishing itself as one of the most reliable in CEE
Poland’s expected economic growth is 2.5% and 2.9% over the next two years
Poland's political stability and positive attitude towards direct foreign investment, make the country an attractive business environment
The country’s favourable location, next to Germany, provides easy access to South-Eastern Europe and Russia