SIAVS-International Poultry and Pork Show

Anhembi Parque, São Paulo, Brazil, Brasilien
SIAVS-International Poultry and Pork Show

Largest and most important gathering of the sector, SIAVS will receive representatives of various segments – from CEOs to integrated producers associated to ABPA, inputs and equipment suppliers – as well as purchasing staff, politicians, technicians, researchers, consultants, students of different areas, economists, leaders of state-level and institutional organizations.

The SIAVS will feature exhibition area of ​​over 10,000 m², with the participation of companies in the poultry, egg and pork business, genetics, equipments, input suppliers, logistics, laboratories, certification companies, among others in the production chain. In this sense, the Show will promote the ideal place for direct interaction with clients through the exhibition and also from activities that will bring buyers and integrated producers.

Consolidated as the greatest event of the poultry and pork sector, the SIAVS 2017 will bring opportunities to the industries with marketing strategies developed to attract purchasing staff of large Brazilian retailers and wholesalers, as well as international buyers, in partnership with Apex-Brasil.

SIAVS will also have a vast program of economic and scientific lectures gathering national and international experts in important debated, together with special projects designed for poultry and pork producers from all over the country. Unique attractions as the Producer Project - dedicated exclusively to poultry and pork producers - complete the program. Join us in this special occasion! Join and ensure your company mark in the OFFICIAL EVENT OF THE BRAZILIAN POULTRY AND PORK INDUSTRY!