Innovate 2014: Global Food Security

Madden's on Gull Lake 11266 Pine Beach Peninsula Brainerd, MN 56401, USA

October 5, 2014 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm     Registration Open 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm     Opening Reception 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm     Welcome to Innovate 2014 2014 ASAS Innovation Award Presentation Keynote Address: The global food security challenge: constraints, consequences and opportunities ahead. October 6, 2014              8:00 am          Setting the stage: Do we need animal protein on the food plate? Session 1 (AM): Developed and developing: the challenges             8:30 am          Availability of feed/forage resources for livestock: Reducing the Yield gap in Animal Production Worldwide             9:15 am          Availability of water for livestock             10:00 am        Break             10:15 am        Funding the role of livestock in undeveloped countries             11:00 am        Finding the Balance- management of economy, environment, nutrition, etc.             11:45               Panel Discussion             12:15 Lunch Session 2 (PM): Achieving global food security and environmental sustainability             1:30 pm          Environmental impacts of animal production –             2:15 pm          Sustainable intensification (mixed crop and livestock systems)             3:00 pm          Break             3:15 pm          Reduction of post harvest losses, Meats and Diary Perspectives             4:00 pm          Technology’s role in basic science to achieve food security: How can basic science be used meet objectives to enhance food security?             4:45 pm          What does industry need from science to meet the challenge?            8:00 pm           Poster Competition Theme: Adapting Livestock to a Changing Climate            8:30 pm           Panel Discussion following Dinner: Methods of funding research/programs to help solve the issue. October 7, 2014             8:00 am          Global Sustainability Session 3 (AM): Solution Driven             8:00 am          Industry perspective             8:45 am          Technology development: Cutting Edge research: future forecasts and possibilities             9:30 am          Technology development: Out of the Box Solutions             10:15 am        Break             10:30 am        Balancing cultural and consumer acceptance with technology advancement—the necessity of boundary assessment and marginalization to meet ultimate goal of enhancing food security.             11:15 am        Policy issues             12:00 pm Meeting Wrap Up and take home messages