EPP-Congress 2016

Crowne Plaza Northwood, Dublin, Irlandhttp://www.pigproducer.net/2489.html

For the first time EPP organizes its annual meeting 2016 in Ireland. Pig production there ranks third in importance behind beef and milk production accounting for 8% of Gross Agricultural Output. 

There is an estimated 290 commercial sow herds in Ireland and the June 2014 CSO Livestock Survey reported that there are 1.55 million pigs in Ireland, 151,100 breeding sows and 1,403,600 finishing stock (source: Teagasc).

The EPP Irish branch which was founded 2015 during the Congress in Bruges invites all EPP members and interested persons to learn something about pig production in Ireland and to meet practitioneers from all over Europe.

Don’t miss a “gathering with Irish style”